Reza Mostafavi Tabatabaei

Reza Mostafavi Tabatabaei

Reza Mostafavi Tabatabaei is an entrepreneur, investor, activist and international business man who specializes in oil and gas industry. He currently serves as the president of a Dubai-based company, ENEXD which provides a comprehensive range of products and services in Engineering, Procurement, and Drilling operations for onshore and offshore undertakings.

Born in Tehran, Iran’s largest city and capital, Mostafavi Tabatabaei attended an engineering university and obtained a degree in civil engineering. Upon graduation, he perused his interest in business when started his own company.

Based on his education and background as a civil engineer, the first business he started was related to developing residential and commercial properties. The business involved developing several projects commercial properties including a shopping mall in Tehran. He moved to Dubai at the age of twenty-seven to expand his business at an international level.

As a young self-starter, motivated and ambitious entrepreneur, Mostafavi Tabatabaei established an LLC company in Tehran and started working with different European companies in 1996. The LLC’s major activity involved providing a comprehensive range of oil and gas services.

Some of his work was also related to the aviation industry. Regarding his activities in the aviation sector, Mostafavi Tabatabaei worked with both Lufthansa Systems and Consulting. The company also acted as the official representative of Lufthansa Systems in Iran. During this time, his company undertook extensive projects such as establishing and implementing the BRS facility and implementing phase two of Tehran’s newest international airport (IKIA). Additionally, the company played the role of consultant and created the joint venture between Munich Airport, Aéroports de Paris and AIRPORT CONSULTING VIENNA.

Reza Mostafavi TabatabaeiThe LLC’s major activity involved the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. It also provided a comprehensive range of products and services in Engineering, Procurement, and Drilling operations for onshore and offshore undertakings. Mostafavi Tabatabaei has been lending his business expertise to companies for twenty-five years.

After working in the business for many years, Mostafavi Tabatabaei is most passionate about working on startup projects. One of his major strengths as an international business expert is his ability in strategic planning. He is a very skilled negotiator, and an expert in forming the business infrastructures from scratch and training. He is adept at supervising his employees on his team and allowing them to achieve the mission of the company.

One of the other major strengths of Mostafavi Tabatabaei is his relationship building ability. He employed this particular strength and his expertise in international business to expand his business to China. He was one of the first people who strengthened the bond of business by establishing an infrastructure between Chinese and Iranian corporations in an upstream division of oil and gas before the international sanctions were imposed on Iran’s market.

Reza Mostafavi TabatabaeiMostafavi Tabatabaei became involved in working with Chinese corporations as he evaluated different business opportunities in China right before it became a hub for new business opportunity. He conducted vast market research to have a better understanding of the Chinese market, and the business and negotiation strategies of Chinese business leaders. Additionally, he spent a lot of time educating himself and his team to teach them how they needed to adjust their strategies to adapt to the Chinese business culture.

One of the businesses he was involved in with a Chinese corporation was in the metal industry. He was involved in selling coking coal products in Middle East market. After, Mostafavi Tabatabaei expanded his business with the Chinese corporation into the manufacturing of oil rigs. His main focus became the oil and gas industry. Mostafavi Tabatabaei formed a team who are experts in the upstream division of oil and gas. These experts are responsible for obtaining Chinese products modeled after European and American land rigs, which could pass the strictest international standards. Moreover, Tabatabei’s LLC negotiated to purchase one of the first oil rigs at a factory in Hung Hua for his clients. Mostafavi Tabatabaei’s expertise in the oil and gas market allowed him to have access to a broad network of customers in the region. This fact allowed him to sell one of the first oil rigs provided by this factory to his clients in Middle East.

After this, the Hung Hua company used the experience they gained through the challenging process of building the oil rigs based on customers’ requirement and implemented that for other customers. This allowed them to expand their business and provide technical facilities for Nabors Drilling, which is the US drilling arm of a major drilling company. This company is becoming one of the largest companies specializing in manufacturing oil rigs. As a result of its success, this company entered the Hong Kong stock market.

Reza Mostafavi TabatabaeiMostafavi Tabatabaei is a pioneer in bringing financing and leasing facilities to upstream divisions for his clients in the Middle East. He was the first businessman who could offer financing options to his clients in Middle East Leasing, which allow his customers to keep the liquidity of their assets and put money into their operating costs.

Mostafavi Tabatabaei stands out in the oil sector field by offering different financial options to his customers which go above and beyond his competitors. One key factors which helped him to differentiate his business in the market was his provision of high-quality oil rigs manufactured in China with standard of American and European products. He also provided leasing and financing options which were tailor-made for each client based on their needs and financial capability. He is credited with providing all the facilities and land rigs for many customers in the Middle East. He negotiated and sold more than 50 land rigs to his clients. This made him the top 5th customer of CNPC in the manufacturing division for 15 years. Additionally, his company has been ranked as one of the best companies in the private sector. The projects he has been working on with Chinese government and subsidiary of CNPC in the public and private sector exceed more than $5B. He has been able to capture a tremendous market share in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. His company enjoys a large share of the Middle Eastern market in upstream division of oil and gas. He has also worked closely with  CNPC subsidiaries companies for 15 years to strengthen the bonds of trust between them.  Tabatabaei has been working closely in partnership with CPTDC for 15 years, delivering services to their customers in the offshore field. The major goal behind his business activities is the expenditure of funds for the creation of employment opportunities, and for the development of economic resources.